-GARS return to Shedd Aquarium!!!–

Solomon David‘s gars, to be exact!  I will keep updates coming on the newly added gars to the exhibits at the John G. Shedd Aquarium (Chicago), but here is a quick photo preview!  I am very excited to have several of the gars from my personal and research collection now on display at Shedd Aquarium!  Come and see them (and all the other fishes and aquatic life) in Chicago!–


1 thought on “-GARS return to Shedd Aquarium!!!–

  1. HeatherMarch 10, 2011I love these foto’s so much. I have not been to Chicago since I was a little girl after Jeremy pasesd away. I would love to go back and am thinking about going in October 2011. My good friends are going in October I believe with their three kids and we are all talking about meeting up. I love Chicago Oh yeah so my whole reson for writting again is the Buckingham fountain. I will be in London in 5 days and will be taking pictures of Buckingham Palace and all the fountains.

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