About the Author

Solomon R. David is an aquatic ecologist and assistant professor interested in fish biodiversity, conservation, and science communication. His current research focuses on ecology and evolution of gars and other ancient fishes, and how that research can be applied to better understanding human disease and development. Additional projects involve conservation of Great Lakes migratory fishes, “Ancient Sport Fish” (e.g. gars and bowfins), and peripheral populations of species. He also communicates science through traditional and social media to raise awareness of the value of aquatic ecosystems and freshwater biodiversity.
Solomon R. David’s Research Website

1 thought on “About the Author

  1. Hi Solomon. Very nice to see ur website. Am Harsha from Bangalore ( INDIA ). I love gars and I have 2 Longnose Florida Gars and 2 Shortnose Spotted Gars with an Australian Pearl Arowana ( Schleropages Jardini ). Am very much interested to learn more about gars and if possible breed them.. Am planning to build a pond for the gars early next year. Hope i will have ur guidance and support.

    Warm Regards

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